Gobang is the special and unique musical dance which is originally come from Jemaja. This dance is look like traditional opera with all the dancer use special costum. All the dancers use scary mask like mongkey, evil giant and some are like ghost. The music is the combine of long drum, short drum, and gong. While the music plays the artist sing along in native language. The lyrics is about moral guide, advices, and others.

The Music and the dance move have monotonous tempo but still could attract people to enjoy the show and sometimes dance together with the audience through the malay music and song. It’s look like there’s magic thing that couldn’t be explained.


Long time ago, Jemaja Gobang Art is played 3 days straight for ritual to chase away the “Balak” or healing process with spells which is spirit included. But now, this art could be played only in hours and art show only.

People said, Gobang was originally played by a group of forest spirits. Then the ritual has been seen by fishermen. The fishermen were copied and made that ritual became show art and entertainment purposed. Especially in Jemaja, Gobang is only played well by a family which is the 5th generation.

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